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DIY: Mirror Cactus Planter

How cute are these? Mirror Cactus Planter (Click through for tutorial) *** Que tan adorables son estos? Aprende a hacer macetas para cactus con espejos. | Live Colorful

My mom sent me these pictures of some mirror planters she made using a couple of square mirrors she found from an old project.

  1. I bet you can find mirrors like this in most craft stores, or make them yourself using a glass cutter like this one. In the past I used it and it was really easy, you can just mark the shape you want, cut like if you were using an exacto knife and use some pliers to break the mirrors and separate them. Here a useful video about glass cutting.
  2. When they are ready sand the corners with a file and glue the sides using a special glass glue like this one.
  3. Place the cactus carefully inside keeping the little planters that they came with.

It’s just an easy DIY that looks amazing.

I saw them and knew that I wanted to share them with you. Hope you like them!

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