9 Tips For Taking a Baby on a Picnic

9 Tips For Taking a Baby on a Picnic | Live Colorful

Outdoor activities are probably one of the few things you can do with a newborn baby. Some advantages are that the baby can cry and cry and you don’t need to feel guilty about the noise. It is also a great excuse to take adorable photos that can be refreshing for you as a mom/dad/parent, after all these days locked up at home.

If you are planning to take your baby on a picnic, here are some tips that will make the whole process a lot easier.

9 Tips For Taking a Baby on a Picnic:

  1. Forget about plans. In my limited experience as a mom I discovered one thing, plans do not work for babies, period. So if you feel like going on a picnic one day and things are looking positive, just enjoy the adventure and don’t plan the details too much. The goal is to get out and enjoy the moment, or stay home if it gets too crazy.
  2. Looking for the perfect place. Search on the internet for a space that is usually not as crowded and read reviews. Also check if you have parking near the picnic area and if there is a path available for strollers, paved walkways make a world of difference.
  3. As for food, the simpler the better. When you go out with a baby, the less time it takes you to get everything packed in and out of the car the better. You can go pick something up, or go to a drive through, or get everything ready at home. I recommend bringing easy food like sandwiches, apples, pears, grapes, prepackaged snacks, basically any food that doesn’t need utensils. Do not forget napkins and some forks for emergencies.
  4. Checking the weather never hurts. Be sure you bring sunscreen for baby and a hat to protect them from the sun. Mosquitoes, flies or other insects can also be annoying. Not a bad idea to dress the baby in pants and long-sleeved shirt. If it’s hot where you live, you can use a thin blanket to help protect from the sun and insects without baby getting too hot.
  5. Clean hands!! Since bathrooms in picnic areas aren’t always the most baby friendly places, a bottle of water for washing hands and disinfectant never hurts.
  6. Picnic baskets, don’t even try!! When you have a baby you need to be practical. Pack everything in the stroller, food, baby stuff, your stuff and you are ready to roll.
  7. Check more than twice what you carry in your bag. These things are must haves: a blanket to sit on the ground or cover the picnic table, one or two blankets for the baby if it’s cold or windy, diapers, trash bags (for diapers disposal and general waste), baby sunscreen, a hat, a change of clothes (preferably long sleeves and pants), hand sanitizer and baby wipes.
  8. Look for a place under a tree with lots of shade, a roof works too, but your baby will love to watching the leaves and shadows in the wind.
  9. Don’t forget to bring your camera or charge your cell before leaving. Thousands of adorable photos await you!!!

These are some of the things I discovered on my walks and adventures with my baby. Believe me, they weren’t all beautiful moments. We’ve had quite a few walks with our little guy screaming his lungs out as I try to smile politely to people walking by. But more often than not, we’ve had those moments that remind you how lucky you are to be a parent, and getting a little sun makes a world of difference.

You tell me, have you gone on a picnic with your baby? What must-haves have you taken with you? What advice you would add to the list?

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9 Tips For Taking a Baby on a Picnic | Live Colorful

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