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All Free & Clear of Worries | Live Colorful

You’d be surprised the amount of laundry that a newborn produces in a week. I confess that I have never washed so many clothes until Jax got home.

When we lived in Asheville we had no washer or dryer. We crossed the street to a laundry mat that was in front of the our house. We would carry a bag full of dirty clothes and wait for hours for them to finish. It was so boring and unproductive that we usually waited two weeks or more to go back to wash clothes again. Sometimes we would wait until we finally didn’t have any more clean socks to wear.

When we moved to California we decided that it was time to live like “adults” and for the first time our priority was to find a place with washer and dryer. It was the best decision ever!!!

Now laundry is so easy that we even enjoy it. Especially the smell of clean, fresh clothes in our drawers.

But now that we have a baby it’s obvious that our regular scented detergent and softener might not be the best for our little guy. So hunting for a baby friendly detergent I found all® free clear detergent and discovered that it’s products (liquid and mighty pacs), fabric softener and dryer sheets have received the National Eczema Association (NEA) Seal of Acceptance™ and they are 100 % hypoallergenic. Products with the NEA Seal of Acceptance™ are those that avoid certain chemicals, dyes, perfumes and residues that are known to be unsuitable for use by persons with eczema or a sensitive skin condition.

I love the fact that the clothes come out really clean, and I don’t have to worry about irritating Jax’s skin.

All Free & Clear of Worries | Live Colorful

Since Jax came home, doing laundry has become almost a daily routine. It’s amazing the amount of dirty clothes a little 9 pound human being produces each day. His clothes added to our stuff and all the other things from around the house, it’s a lot!

But hey, at least I have everything I need right here. A washer and dryer ready to go and a detergent I love and trust. I’m a lucky mommy.

All Free & Clear of Worries | Live Colorful

Jax loves when mom is doing laundry, because when it’s ready, he gets to wear a warm onesie while mommy folds and organizes his clothes.

All Free & Clear of Worries | Live Colorful

To read more about the benefits and uses of all® free clear visit it’s Facebook page.

What’s your laundry story? Do you like doing laundry? Any tips for doing laundry with kids?

All Free & Clear of Worries | Live Colorful


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  1. Corlie says:

    I’ve been searching for baby friendly detergents here in China and am having such tough time, I decided just to order some off Amazon from the states. At least for the first bit I’d rather use something I know will be baby friendly before trying Chinese brands….

    • It’s hard. We looked for a few weeks and found a couple of brands, but we did’t feel happy with them. I like all free clear because we can find it at the store nearby the house and it’s safe for Jax’s clothes but also strong enough for ours, so we don’t need to buy two anymore. Hopefully you can find something you trust,

  2. Renee says:

    Great post and photos. Your little guy is adorable! I love all free clear for sensitive skin. What a great choice for your baby!

  3. He’s grown so much already!!! Man time flies by so fast. He’s so adorable. Doesn’t laundry get out of hand with littles? It’s crazy. Even more so when they’re potty training… ugh.

    • Potty training sounds so far away from now, although Jax is already moving a lot, don’t want to be hold as a newborn anymore and we just discovered he might have a little tooth coming in. Like you said, time flies by so fast 🙁

  4. janika R says:

    True. Baby laundry is a real big deal and finding a hypoallergenic detergent is a must. good post Elba. your jax is too cute in those pictures.

  5. How cute is that little boy! And it’s a good option the all detergent for sensitive skin, thanks for recommend it.

  6. Blanca D says:

    Aw your baby is so cute! and he looks so big! We really need a good detergent for our little ones clothes 🙂

  7. Teresa Garza says:

    Que lindo el bebé… Felicidades.. Es tan importante el detergente que usamos para cuidar de su delicada piel… Mil gracias por el consejo.

  8. Such a cute baby! It’s a great option to use the free clear version for laundry.

  9. Get the diapers that last for a long time and they are disposable.

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