DIY: Recycle your Milk Carton + Giveaway!

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with the California Milk Processor Board and DiMe Media. However, all ideas, images and opinions expressed are my own.

DIY: Recycle your Milk Carton (Recicla tu envase de leche y haz algo creativo) | Live Colorful

This week my little sister is visiting us in California. We sat down on the patio yesterday morning to drink our café con leche and we started to talk about all the great times we had together when we were kids.

Drinking milk has always been part of our daily routine. Milk with toast and strawberry jam for breakfast, cereal, desserts and other delicious goodies that we bake and share with our parents and little brothers are some of the most amazing memories that we have from our childhood.

Now that we have Jax, we want to continue traditions and create new fun and memorable moments around the things we do every day, like drinking milk

DIY: Recycle your Milk Carton (Recicla tu envase de leche y haz algo creativo) | Live Colorful

A few days ago, I made a small theater with a milk carton. I painted it, decorated it and added a rainbow (like a puppet) that moves all around. Jax is really into colors and movement, so he really had a great time with this.

Making something creative with a gallon milk carton is super easy and a great way to spend the afternoon with the little ones. All my California friends, I invite you to take a look at the #MilkAndArtContest. You could win $2,000 for your kid’s education turning a milk jug into a work of art! To enter the contest create a piece of art with your child(ren)/legal ward(s) using a one gallon milk jug. Then take a photo of the finished piece and post it on the Toma Leche page on Facebook with the hashtag: #MilkAndArtContest. Read more about the contest rules here.

Got milk? Got art?


To make our mini theatre we used a couple of felt sheets, paper, scissors, glue (glue gun), acrylic paint, brushes, skewer sticks and a rainbow that I cut from this printable (you can download the printable here: Rainbow Bookmark| Live Colorful, and use it for your project if you like it).

DIY: Recycle your Milk Carton (Recicla tu envase de leche y haz algo creativo) | Live Colorful


  1. Paint the milk carton.
  2. Measure and cut a rectangle in the front of the milk carton.
  3. Add strips of triangles around the container, simulating grass.
  4. You can paint and decorate the interior of the container a bit. I added a couple of mountains that I made with the brown felt sheets.
  5. Make a hole in the bottom of the milk carton and insert the skewer stick. Glue the rainbow to the stick so you can move it around.

DIY: Recycle your Milk Carton (Recicla tu envase de leche y haz algo creativo) | Live Colorful

The kids will love this project!

Besides the #MilkAndArtContest contest, which is exciting, I have another surprise: You can win this book “The Artful Parent Craft Book” and a $25 Amazon Gift Card if you leave me a comment below and tell me what you  have learned about the #MilkandArtContest or which one has been your favorite project so far. See the entries here.

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*Giveaway rules: The giveaway is open only to California residents. 18 & up to enter.

Encouraging creativity is a good way to spend time with the family and help build a better future while recycling! (Toma leche, haz arte! Enter the contest here)


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  1. Sara Strauss says:

    This is such a fantastic idea! My kid sister would love this!

  2. Ana Lucia says:

    I love the firefighter!

  3. Mariana Rivas says:

    El de amor por la naturaleza

  4. Dandi D says:

    I really like the milk jug piggy bank/

  5. Kelly D says:

    I like the princess milk container.

  6. Lauren says:

    I like the planter idea.

  7. Kristen says:

    I like the “piggy cow”.

  8. lupita says:

    Mi mejor proyecto que e echo con mi familia es una casa de madera para que jugara mi pequeña y salió muy bonita.

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