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National Painting Week is Almost Here!

National Painting Week is Almost Here!  Are you ready to be inspired? (No te pierdas una semana completa de proyectos, DIY y mucho color!) | Live Colorful

I’m so excited to share with you that National Painting Week will take place next week from May11th to May16th!

During this week Sherwin-Williams donates thousands of gallons of paint and employees to pitch in to help rejuvenate various community projects across the country. The projects they have worked on in past years are just amazing and so inspirational.

This year they have also partnered with some bloggers to create awesome DIY projects to inspire you to add more color to your home! I will be sharing something multicolored and cheerful and I have the feeling you are going to LOVE it! (It will be here next Monday May11th, so stay tuned)

Check out, or follow the hashtag #SWPaintingWeek to gather color inspiration, project ideas, helpful tips and more for your spring painting and home improvement projects.

Are you ready to be inspired? Is there any space in your home that needs a fresh look? Let me know, I might be able to help you with some tips and inspiration.

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