The Power of a Hug

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The Power of a Hug (Que tan importante es abrazar a nuestros niños) | Live Colorful

Watching how Jax is growing up so fast has honestly been freaking me out a bit. For me, his first month was like a dream. I was so confused with everything going on around me that, more than once, I stayed awake at night thinking that nothing was real.

I remember the day Jax wore his first newborn onesie. I also remember the day we were taking it out of the drawer to put it in a box because it didn’t fit him anymore. I cried that day. I could not get over the fact that those weeks were gone forever. I also couldn’t fully accept the huge change that my baby went through. He looked and acted so different and that was just his first couple weeks of his life.

After that I started to pay more attention to the things we did together every day. I didn’t want to miss anything.

This obsession to live every second to the fullest has made me appreciate the simple things even more, like our morning kisses, the fun we have at bath time and our afternoon walks around the neighborhood.

The Power of a Hug (Que tan importante es abrazar a nuestros niños) | Live Colorful

When I decided to be more present, I found myself hugging and kissing my little boy much more. I was also feeling more relaxed and happy and he seemed to be having a great time too.

Next week he will be 3 months old. He is more active and his face looks more like a little boy than a newborn. He is also trying to imitate everything we do, so we are teaching him to stick out his tongue, it’s just so cute. We also started a new rule in the house, always smile. It’s pretty easy, we just have to smile a lot, like all the time, so he learns to do it more often. We figured that if he could imitate a tongue sticking out, he could imitate a frown, so we better smile. We also go out a lot, we smell the flowers, we talk about colors, and I let him play in the water during his bath. We are trying stimulate his senses in a fun and natural way.

The Power of Smell and Touch

*Stimulating your baby’s senses is so important. Look at all these benefits!

The Power of a Hug (Que tan importante es abrazar a nuestros niños) | Live Colorful

This morning I was thinking about Mother’s Day and I started to remember all the things that make me think of my mom. One of them was last time I saw her in Mexico, we were talking and suddenly she grabbed my hand to play with it and told me how cute my nail polish color was. I remember she used to grab our hands a lot that when we were younger.

That’s when I got it. All those hugs, smiles and kisses make motherhood beautiful. Those simple things that create that special connection with our little one and it always reminds them how much we love them and how much we treasure every moment we spend together.

Check out this sweet VIDEO. The power of your loving touch. It soothes him, it delights him, it nurtures his developing mind. Then one day, his touch is as powerful as yours…

Which are your favorite moments with your kids? Did you have that moment when your kid was newborn that you realized it was all going so fast?

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  1. janika R says:

    my favorite moments with my kid are holding his little fingers and seeing them close around mine. They are such a beautiful moments. I am happy seeing enjoy your motherhood.


  2. lisa serrano says:

    This is so beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day.

  3. Kristy Mauna says:

    This was truly beautiful – I love how radiant the pictures are! I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! xxo

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