DIY: Bilingual Memory Card Game

DIY: Bilingual Memory Card Game (Un memorama bilingüe) | Live Colorful

A few days back I shared my first article on It’s a DIY printable bilingual memory card game that is perfect to entertain and play with kiddos this summer.

Memory card games were my favorite board games when I was a kid, I loved loved playing them with my cousins back in Mexico. So I decided to create a printable, using vocabulary in english and spanish, so the kids can have as much fun as I used to have when I was a kid, plus they will learn and play at the same time.

I would love to try it with Jax one of these days, but I think I’ll need to wait a couple more years until Jax at least understands the rules of the game. Until then I’m using them as flashcards to show him the images and reading him the words in both languages. This is also a great activity that you can do with your babies before bed.

Head over to for the full tutorial and printable — DIY Bilingual Memory Card Game

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  1. It always feels good to play a memory card game as it is the best way to entertainment along with the learning. So I recommend you to play some memory card game with your children in free time. It will entertain them and at the same time, they will learn also so many things.

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