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A few weeks back I asked you to answer a small survey about Live Colorful and what you would like to see in it. I left the survey open for a few extra weeks since I discovered that some of you were still answering it.

I finally decided to close it yesterday and discover what you guys have to say about the blog. I have to admit that I was surprised with some of the answers, especially about your favorite social media channels and favorite categories.

One of the things that I discovered is that there are a few differences between what readers in Spanish love reading compared with the readers in English. Some of the categories are more popular in english, and vice versa. The same happened with social media channels, Facebook seems to be more popular in Spanish and Pinterest in English. In the end I decided to make some charts taking into consideration all answers in both languages. This is what you guys said:

Live Colorful Survey

Age. Live Colorful reader’s age is something between 25 – 44 years old. Although a few readers are below and above that age, but they only make up approximately 10% of all answers.

Live Colorful Survey

Language. Since I’m bilingual, I’m used to sharing and reading content in both languages (English-Spanish), so I wanted to know if you guys feel the same way. 20% of you answered that you read Live Colorful in both languages, sometimes English and Spanish. 45% just in English and 35% just Spanish.

Live Colorful Survey

Now, my favorite part. I wanted to know which categories you guys enjoy more. Both, English and Spanish readers agree that do it yourself and crafts is the favorite category on the blog. Number two: life & stuff, where I often share about my motherhood adventures and other personal stories. Third place is design and art, here is where I feature colorful designs and fun and unique artwork. I have to admit that this answer surprised me. I haven’t shared many articles in this category lately, because I thought it wasn’t that relevant for the blog, but since you guys vote as one of the favorites, I’ll start sharing more content like this soon.

Live Colorful Survey

Another interesting thing was getting to know which ones are your favorite social media channels. It seems like 90% of you agree that Instagram is the most awesome social media channel out there! I actually started a new account a few months ago just for Live Colorful DIYs, printables and colorful posts. I really love spending time on Instagram, and since you guys voted it as one of your favorite social media channel, I promise that I’ll work harder on this one. In second place, Facebook and Pinterest, being Facebook more popular for the Spanish readers and Pinterest for the English readers.

Live Colorful on Instagram

At the end of the survey I asked if you would be interested in articles about creativity and blogging tips? Half of you answer no. So I decided that I will include some tips from time to time but I won’t make it a category. I’m also planning on sharing some things about my adventures as blogger on my personal blog, so if you would like to know more about this topic check out my personal blog or follow my personal Twitter and Instagram. I also started a new Pinterest board where I’m collecting creative business tips and tricks. Check it out, there are some great articles there.

So, after I read your answers I decided to focus on the things you voted for. I’ll share more Do It Yourself projects and crafts, more about my life and feature new designers and artist that you might love. You’ll also find me more interesting content on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Live Colorful

Some of the topics you suggested for the blog are:

  • Do it yourself projects using vintage furniture. I like the idea of renovating old pieces of furniture and making them look modern and stylish, so I might try to share more of that below the DIY category.
  • Features and guest posts of other designers. This is something I really like and I’m really excited about. I’ll be sharing more posts about this soon below the design and art category. I’m actually looking for fun and colorful products and artwork like this and this. If you have something you’d like to see in the blog, send me an email to [email protected]
  • Cooking. This is a hard one. I must confess that I’m a horrible horrible cook so I don’t know if I’ll be able to make this one happen. On the other hand, I love styling and decorating food. So you might see some food DIYs from time to time, like this one I shared here. Something pretty and really simple.

Soon I’ll share a big surprise with you, so stay tuned. I have some great plans for the blog and I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to answer the survey. Live Colorful wouldn’t be anything if it wasn’t for you!

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