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How to Make a Colorful Playroom on a Budget

How to create a colorful playroom for the kids so they can have a space to organize toys, books, paper, paint, brushes and other material for sensory, educational and artistic activities.

Create a dreamy colorful playroom for the kids so they can have a space to organize toys, books, paper, paint, brushes and other material for sensory, educational and artistic activities. | Live Colorful

I found these products (image above) from Shutterfly | Kiwi Crate | ToysRus | VTech Kids | Kids Play Home, searching for “baby and kids” on Groupon Coupons.

We are planning on moving again this December. Hopefully we will find a house or a duplex for rent, something a little bit bigger, with a patio and an extra space for Jax to play.

I would love to have space to create a playroom. It doesn’t even need to be a separate room, it could be a corner in the living room or in Jax’s room. I just think it would be great for Jax to have his own creative space, and for me, it would be great to not have toys lying all around the house.

Right now our playroom is basically any place where we can lay Jax down. We store everything anywhere we can. I have a few plastic boxes in Jax’s nursery and a coffee table with some storage space where we throw all the toys at the end of the day.

But my dream is to have a place where I could organize all the toys, and where I could also put books, paper, paint, brushes and other material for sensory and artistic activities.

I know that creating a playroom could cost a fortune. Groupon coupons are pretty awesome, you don’t have to register or purchase anything upfront and they have a bunch that can help you create your space. It’s a curated group of 55,000 coupons and promo codes from top stores like ToysRus, Kiwi Crate, Vtech Kids and Shutterfly. You can find all sorts of stuff there for you, your home, your baby and dreamy playroom!





You can paint the walls or add accessories with the color palette you’re looking for. Before you start painting or buying accessories for the playroom, think about colors that make you feel creative. Some kids need to be relaxed, in which case you should choose a color palette featuring calming blues and relaxing greens. If you feel like your kid loves energy, orange and yellow can be colors that will make them feel excited, stimulated, enthusiastic and ready for fun.

You can always leave your walls white, like a blank canvas, and add pops of different colors everywhere. Kind of like these spaces. I love how these spaces project so much fun and excitement.



A lot of stores sell containers that work great to organize a kids room and playroom, like this one from Kids Play Home. There are also wooden and plastic crates or trunks for storage, like the one I got for my living room, that would work great as a storage solution.

One thing to remember is to organize your playroom with pretty solutions that are also functional, safe for kids and easy to clean.



You have a great space with pretty colors and great storage solutions, now what? Well, it’s time to fill that space with toys, games and other materials for artistic and sensory activities. For example, I love those fun easels for kids, and would love to put one in Jax’s playroom. I would also like to have space to display books so they are easy to reach. The idea is to incorporate artistic, educational and recreational toys so the kids are learning and playing at the same time.

I really hope these ideas and inspiration help you to create that dreamy playroom. The great thing is that toys are normally colorful, so you won’t have problem incorporating color in your kids room and life!

Any ideas or storage solutions that you would recommend? I’m always looking for better ways to organize our space!


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  1. These pieces together would make the best playroom ever! Gorgeous colorful pieces!

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