DIY: Family Memory Card Game

Family Memory Card Game. Turn your Instagram photos of family members into a fun game to share memories. (Memorama Hecho con Fotos de Familia) Convierte esas fotos de Instagram en un juego divertido para compartir anécdotas. | Live Colorful

Since my family live far away, some of them are in Tabasco and others in Mexico City, we love taking pictures to remember the cherished moments we spend when we get together.

I love sharing those memories over Instagram, but I have to admit that even when I like having the pictures in the app, it’s not the same as being able to look at those pictures printed on paper. I printed a few of them and I had this great idea of making a memory card game with them so I can play it with my son.

Head over for the full tutorial – Family Memory Card Game

This is a great family-friendly DIY project. The kids can help you make the memory cards and you’ll have the opportunity to tell them a few funny memories about their abuelitos, tias and primos.

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  1. janika R says:

    This is cool Elba. Totally agree with you.

  2. It always feels good to play a memory card game as it is the best way to entertainment along with the learning. So I recommend you to play some memory card game with your children in free time. It will entertain them and at the same time, they will learn also so many things.

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