How to Survive the First Year Living Alone

Living alone can be fun but also stressful and lonely. Check out these 5 tips for surviving the first year living on your own.

Living alone can be fun but also lonely and stressful. Check out 5 Tips for surviving the first year living on your own (Vivir solo puede ser divertido, pero también solitario y estresante. Echa un vistazo a estos 5 Consejos para sobrevivir tu primer año viviendo solo) | Live Colorful

It has been seven years since I left my parent’s home to study Fashion Design in Mexico City.

The first year was really great, full of excitement and dreams, but I have to admit that getting used to that new life away from home was challenging and a bit scary.

I struggled with a few things in the beginning, like organizing money, eating well and even remembering simple silly things, like forget the keys inside the apartment! or always leaving a little extra money in my bag for emergencies.

I also had fun times. I loved getting up late, watching movies late with the volume turned up, hiding all my mess under the bed and doing laundry just a couple times a month.

All those great, and not so great moments were key in my new life and taught me tons about responsibility and priorities.

I wanted to share a few things that helped me survive that first year living on my own and hopefully, they will help you through the journey too.

5 Tips for Surviving the First Year Living Alone

  1. It’s OK to be Afraid. One thing that helped me tons was accepting that it was ok to be afraid of things. Things like feeling lonely, not finding a new group of friends or hating the new place where you live. The key was to accept the fear but continue living and enjoying everything else around me and learning as much as I could from the experience.
  2. Organize your Money! This is a hard one, especially when you don’t have someone to tell you what to do with the money all the time. It’s also true that at first you will think that all the money is for you, but you forget that you have bills to cover and other emergency expenses that for some reason always pop up in the last minute.
  3. Be a Handyman. Learning some basic housekeeping tricks before you start living on your own might not be as crazy as you think. You’ll probably need to change tons of light bulbs and fix the shower a few times. Having some knowledge about how things work will also help you feel more comfortable when something stops working and you need to get an estimate of how much it will cost or explain what happened. Things break, it’s a fact and it can be stressful since you might not have someone who can help you in an emergency, but that feeling of self-reliance and independence after you solve a problem can be very satisfying.
  4. Keep Yourself Busy. Sometimes you’ll feel crazy homesick and lonely. In those cases the best thing to do is to keep yourself busy. Call an old friend, spend hours looking for dresses and other pretty things on Pinterest, go out for an ice cream or a cupcake, or coffee or just go to the movies. Leaving the house and being around people will help you feel better and at the same time, it will be a great excuse to pamper yourself with a treat.
  5. Get a pet! My guinea pig, Tutu, has been with me for almost 6 years. Coming home and finding her there waiting for me is a wonderful experience. Something about having that companionship and a sense of family in your new home really helps.

All the experiences your first year living on your own will really help you grow as a person and feel complete and independent in many ways. So squeeze the best out of every situation, learn from every experience and enjoy the beginning of this new and exciting adventure in your life!


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  1. Sara Strauss says:

    I love this post! I’m still living with my mom, but I hope to move out soon and I’m excited and scared about it! This was really helpful!

  2. Great tips! I live with my boyfriend, but I still get afraid when I am home alone sometimes. Sounds are so scary, when you don’t know where they come from.

  3. Lisa Serrano says:

    This is great advice. There are many that will be going through this with school starting & this information is valuable. Thanks for sharing.

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