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Colorful and Chic Acrylic Chandeliers

I love this turquoise octopus chandelier. It looks so pretty!

Nicole Ketchum designs these cool and fun acrylic chandeliers. The first one that caught my attention was the yellow octopus. I saw it in one of her instagram pictures and I just felt the need to get it for Jax’s bedroom. The picture with the sparkling eyeglasses was really charming, and I got hooked on the color.

This adorable octopus acrylic chandelier for my kids room. Love it!

Her fancy chandeliers are also great, really chic. They would look amazing in a home, but I love the neat ways they have been used in a weddings, birthdays and other event decorations.

Fancy chic acrylic chandelier. This looks great for a living room or bedroom decor.

The inspiration behind Chandelier by NK came from Nicole’s own desire for chic, modern decor. She wanted a fun chandelier without lights that she could hang for the holidays and didn’t find it anywhere, so she decided to create her own.

Working with acrylic allows her to have fun with the designs and colors, like the amazing Hot Pink chandelier which is her favorite right now. It’s so vivid.

Colorful and chic acrylic chandeliers by Chandelier By NK

She gets inspiration from everywhere: home decor stores, magazines, Pinterest, nature. She thinks her mind is still trapped in the tween and teen years, so she designs from that angle on what she would want to see or thinks is fun. Which I honestly totally get it. I think that might be the reason why I love her work so much. I was as obsessed with shiny, bright, colorful things when I was a tween as I am right now.

She is already planning her next design, which will be a hanging heart with crystals (how cute!) maybe pale pink, gold and with glitter acrylics. I really can’t wait to see more of her work!

Fancy chic acrylic chandelier. This looks great for a living room or bedroom decor.

Check out Chandelier by NK shop and blog for more beautiful inspiration. Her instagram account is so pretty as well.

A fun octopus chandelier for my kids room. Love the idea!

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  1. Marta says:

    What a colourful and festive touch for a bedroom or a studio. I love these chandeliers!

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