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How to Refresh your Kitchen on a Budget

You don’t need to spend lots of money to create a kitchen that makes you happy. A few decorative accessories, kitchen utensils, and uplifting scents can transform your space completely.


I believe in the power of color and smells. These can transform and refresh any room in your home in an instant, and without breaking the bank.

The color can be injected through decorative elements and kitchen utensils, that by the way, you can change over and over to create different looks and seasonal styles. These decorative elements can be as simple as adding a new kitchen towel, pictures frame, chalkboard, a piece of artwork, wall clock, and even natural flowers and plants.

You can also add new storage containers, jars, utensils, and all those things that are visible on top of our kitchen countertops. For example, you can go from white storage containers to black storage containers or metallic storage containers. These changes seem small, but they can definitely transform the feel of a room in an instant.

You will be surprised to see how a few decorative accessories, kitchen utensils and uplifting scents can transform a space completely. Don't miss this refreshing transformation | LiveColorful.com

I was lucky to get invited to refresh my kitchen as a part of the Family Dollar and Glade® “Refresh Your Home” challenge. That gave the opportunity to add personality to my kitchen with those simple elements I mentioned before.

My kitchen is all white, something I really love about it, but all my kitchen containers were white too, which made it look a bit plain and boring.

My color inspiration came from the Glade® scent, Blooming Peony & Cherry™. The scent made me feel carefree and the color is so energetic, something I really craved for my kitchen.

Getting inspired by the colors of candles is something I learned from my mom, which painted her whole living room area red, after she fell in love of an apple cinnamon scent candle. That’s how I discover how powerful a scent could be in a room, not just because it can be used as color inspiration, but also because smells can make you feel different, and that’s exactly what you need when you crave a change in your home, a fresh sensation.

Check out the before and after and where to find all the elements I used for my kitchen transformation in the Family Dollar blog: Refresh Your Kitchen With Glade® Blooming Peony & Cherry™

This Glade scent inspired room refresh was created in connection with my appointment as a contributor to Family Dollar. 


I hope these tips inspire you to transform your kitchen using simple elements and inject personality and life through color and scents.

Do you have any tips about how to transform a kitchen on a budget? 

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