Talking about Inspiration with Nika Martinez

Celebrating color with Nika Martinez. Surface Pattern Designer  | Live Colorful

I meet Nika through a creative class we took together a few years ago. We connected quickly and started sharing tips about life, business and creativity. Since we met, I have been wanted to share more about her work. I’m a huge fan of her intricate and powerful designs. I owned one of her gorgeous phone case designs and I’m a huge fan of her mandalas prints and cool jewelry design.

Nika Martinez is a surface pattern designer in love with design and colors. She studied photography, but somehow fell in love with patterns. That’s when everything started. Now her designs can be found in many products, such as homeware, electronic devices, fashion and stationery products.

In case you have never heard of this creative field, a surface pattern designer is someone who licences artwork to companies to place on products such as textiles, homeware, toys, jewelry, shoes, clothing, tech accessories, etc.

Celebrating color with Nika Martinez. Surface Pattern Designer  | Live Colorful

I wanted to asked her a few question about her daily routine, inspiration and of course, favorite color combination so you get to know her better and you get to know more about the life behind cool creative people like her. Enjoy!

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

A lot of my inspiration comes from my mediterranean culture and it’s variety of influences. I can say that we are a mix of beautiful cultures. I’ve also always been curious about other ethnicities. I like to use that bold inspiration and influences and mix them together in my own designs.

I get inspired by Mallorcan textiles, blankets from Alpujarras, Morocco, and therefore by other indigenous cultures, especially from the women of these cultures, that inspire joy, strength and character, a mixture of wild innocence, independent women.


What’s your favorite color combination?

Orange, pink, purple and mint. I used these colors in one of my favorite designs, my native bandana.


How is a normal day in Nika’s life?

I have really organized weekdays. I get up very early, at 7.30 am. I have breakfast, read mails, check out Facebook, Twitter,, Pinterest and Wanelo. I answer emails and write down in my diary the list of “to do” things for the  day. Ok, I usually do that the day before, but there is always something to add or remove in the morning as well. Then I take some art classes and I work until 5 pm. I eat something quick while watching a tutorial or socialize on Facebook. From 5 pm to 9.30 pm I’m dedicated to things around the house and my girls. Then I have dinner while I try to study something or take a course until I get sleepy. If I have a deadline, I continue working on that.

I’m usually pretty busy, I guess. But weekends are sacred for me. I love going to the beach, especially during summer. I need make space in my agenda to practice yoga or some kind of meditation, the body is asking me for that!


Nika loves to collaborate with other artists and companies, so if you have a project in mind just drop her an email to: [email protected]

Find out more about her work on her website. You can also find her on Instagram.
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