How to Add More Color to Your Life

How to add more color to your life | Live Colorful

We love seeing colors we love, it is such an invigorating and happy feeling.  That’s why it’s so important to fill our soul with the positive energy that colors bring into out lives and surround our home and daily routine with them.

In case you are thinking that painting your house in a bold color or dying your hair pastel pink is too crazy for you, here are five simple, fun and not too risky ways to add color to your life:

1. Wear fun socks

Wearing a pair of fun socks is an intimate and personal way to add more color into your life. Just by knowing that they are there, you will feel unique and adventurous, and you can always hide them under your jeans and shoes. 

How to add more color to your life | Live Colorful

2. Add new shades to your wardrobe

You don’t have to wear extremely colorful outfits all the time. You can start by buying one or two pieces on a color you love and you don’t normally wear. You can mix these accent colors with basic and neutral colored pieces. Just that pop of color will cheer up your day and will make you feel confident and special.

You can use a service like (affiliate link) which make the process easier and fun. The clothing and accessories from Stitch Fix are hand-selected by a personal stylist and delivered to your own door. We had received so many pieces we have never picked at the store but that look amazing! We really love this service.

How to add more color to your life | Live Colorful

3. Accessorize your favorite space with color

Sometimes a little detail in you favorite space at home like a yellow hand towel in your kitchen, a bright pink flower pot in the living room or a pair of turquoise cushions over your bed can change the way you approach your mornings. That touch of color that stands out fill your home with energy and make you feel happy and ready to conquer the world. 

How to add more color to your life | Live Colorful

4. Dare to paint your nails with unusual colors

This is one of my favorite ways to incorporate color into my life since it’s easy and inexpensive. The best thing is that with a manicure and pedicure you are spoiling yourself while you are adding something fun to your life.

How to add more color to your life | Live Colorful

5. The power of a coloring book

Besides making you feel relaxed and creative, coloring also stimulates your brain, senses and improve your attention to detail and coordination. Check out this article: Coloring Books: 5 Benefits for Adults. 

You can even use you favorite coloring pages as art like we did in this DIY project: How to make art with your favorite coloring pages.

How to add more color to your life | Live Colorful

Live a life full of colors is easier than you think, you just have to start adding color into your daily routine and try new shades from time to time. Color will make you feel adventurous, bold, unique and most important, happy. 

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