Interior Designer-in-a-Box and Right to Your Doorsteps

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Some of you might know already that I went to school for Interior Design. I had always been obsessed with home accessories, paint colors, wall finishes, wall patterns, textures and all those beautiful elements that create a perfect space.

So when I received Carolina and Martha’s email from, I was intrigued. I really needed to know more about this interior design-in-a-box service and I really wanted to see what they had to offer.

Martha and Carolina are two sisters living in South Florida. Their business idea sparked after Carolina started decorating her home. She had zero artistic ability, a busy career in Finance, in the midst of finishing her MBA and a new baby at home. One day she came home frustrated after a trip to different home decor shops. She showed her sister what she had bought and as a good designer, Martha told her that the things she bought didn’t match at all. She felt overwhelmed. That night Carolina started looking for home decor sets online. She wanted to find quality sets that include everything she needed, curtains, curtain rods, throw blanket, pillows, wall art, table accents, etc. She couldn’t find anything. So they decided to join forces and with Carolina’s business knowledge and Martha’s understanding of the interior design industry started Swift Décor.

Interior Designer-in-a-Box and Right to Your Doorsteps | Live Colorful

I have to say that I really like their curated collections, they look really cohesive and have their own vibe and feeling. My favorite decor set is the bold collection, and that’s because, well, I can’t say no to bold colors!

They will be launching new collections this summer in collaboration with other designers and online curators so stay tuned.

As a surprise for all of you, Swift Décor. is offering a special $50 OFF coupon using the code: LIVECOLORFUL. So now you know, decorating can be easier than this! And prettier as well.

*All images courtesy of  Swift Décor. Check out their adventures hunting trends and inspiration on their Instagram account.

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  1. Los almohadones son mi obsesión y me encanta el agregado de color y estilo que brindan a ambientes como la sala o los dormitorios. Gracias por recomendar este servicio.

  2. Love it! Me encantan los detalles y combinaciones de colores.

  3. Yadira says:

    What a great idea. It is ready to go!

  4. Maria says:

    Beautiful website! Love the concept!

  5. Martha Bernal says:

    Me encanto la idea! efectivamente es una solución para las mujeres que no tenemos habilidades decorativas! Cuando decida cambiar mi decoración actual no dudare en comprar el set completo de Swift Decor, todos los sets son Divinos

  6. Yeimi Giraldo says:

    Buenas Tardes..!!!

    Estoy necesitando una orientacion urgentee… Estoy a punto de mudarme y comprar muebles nuevos.. Me mudare a un apto con una sala mas o menos amplia donde se observa la cocina.. Las paredes del apto todas son blancas y pisos blancos.. La cocina tiene baldosas color verde. y quiero comprar muebles grises con morado y unos cuadros.. como hago para que todo luzca acorde y no se vea una mezcla de colores desagradable a la vista??? los pisos son blancos.. no quiero muebles negros ni blancos y aparte de eso tambn cambiare el juego de comedor

  7. More appreciating blog! It looks extremely good.

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