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DIY: Braided Fabric Head Wrap

Make a pretty braided head wrap this summer! Wear it as headband, or use it to decorate a hat and even make it a bow on one of your favorite summer bags.

 DIY: Braided fabric head wrap | Live Colorful


I love versatile fashion accessories, especially the ones you can adjust and wear in many ways and many occasions.

Summer inspired me to create a braided fabric head wrap using some pretty fabric scraps. The patterns in the fabric are summery and fun and the way to make it is easy peasy.

I know you will love the idea of being able to use this braided head wrap as headband, but also to decorate a hat and even make it a bow on one of my favorite summer bags for the beach.

 DIY: Braided fabric head wrap | Live Colorful


  • Fabric scraps
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Hot glue
  • Hot Glue gun


  1. Start by cutting six long wide strips of fabric. Approximately 36 inches long. One way to know the length of your fabric strips is by measuring your head or hat and adding 3″ on each side to be able tie a knot on both ends.
  2. Organize the fabric into three pairs. Put the fabric together, leaving the printed side of the fabric exposed.
  3. Start braiding your three pieces.
  4. Cut the excess of fabric from both sides and give a few stitches to hold the two ends together. Then tie a knot at the end.

That easy! Now you have a beautiful head piece that is ready to be paired with a flirty, fun summer outfit!

You can also update an old hat you have at home to make it look fresh and beach ready with this simple DIY project.

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