Lali’s Sewing Room / Workspace Tour

My sewing room / workroom and some colorful inspiration  |

A couple of weeks ago, we shared our workspaces over Youtube. Elba shared her closet/craft room and I also made a tour video of my space.

If you check out the video (above) you’ll see that I painted an old dresser in a  bright yellow color to cheer up the space. Above it, I put a vintage polaroid camera I bought a few years ago from a local vintage market in downtown Puebla, Mexico and some artwork I made and love like the Frida Kahlo nicho and colored pages and illustrations. I shared both DIY projects on the blog a few months ago, here and here.

My sister is super organized, unlike me, but I really made an effort to get all my material arranged in one place before making the video. I went to a mercadito in Mexico City, Mercado de Sonora, where I found some plastic containers that I used for all my small material.  All these containers are inside a closet with threads, scissors, fabric scraps, paper, cardboard, sequins, ribbons, reels, chalk, buttons, glitter pompoms and things that I used for the Live Colorful videos and projects.

In my workroom I also have  a drawing board that I use to draw and illustrate. I keep all my fabric inside a trunk, so the room looks somewhat in control.

We made these videos to give you a sneak peek of our simple workspaces where we store our material and create most of the posts and videos you see on the blog. We’d love to know what are your favorite things in your work area? Or if you have a post or video tour, we would love to get to see it!

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  1. Mrs. AOK says:

    Thanks for sharing your space. I love the yellow dresser with the moon and star 🙂

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