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How to Paint Perfect Polka Dots

A few months ago, I got together with some friends to make some kitchen helper step up for the kids using a tutorial my friend found on Pinterest. It was such a fun project, but it ended up being more challenging that we thought. It took us a few weeks to finish it, and when it was ready, I was too tired to paint it.

This week finally made some time to add some color to this step up and it looks better than ever.

I used a trick to make perfect polka dots using some decorative wall decals that I found on Amazon. You can use the same technique to paint walls, and even make interesting shapes using different wall decal designs!

Check out how I paint the polka dots in the video tutorial below:


How to Paint Perfect Polka Dots | Live Colorful


  1. Prepare your surface. Sand and clean your piece of furniture so it’s ready for painting.
  2. Apply the first layer of paint. This will be the color of your polka dots.
  3. Add the polka dots decorative wall decals all over your piece of furniture.
  4. Apply a second layer of paint. This will be the color of your whole piece of furniture. Let the paint dry for a few hours.
  5. Now the magic happens! Remove the wall decals carefully. Now you have awesome polka dots all over the place!

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