Confessions of a Mami Blogger

Confessions of a Mami Blogger | Live Colorful

When I started blogging, five years ago, things were so different. There was no pressure of professional pictures. Blogging was rough and simple.

Then time passed, blogging changed, and in the process, I became a mother.

I was too worried about trying to keep my life the same as how it was before my baby arrived. I wanted to continue growing my business, working in sponsored campaigns and collaborating with brands while dealing with all the challenges of a new mother.

One big pressure, I remember, was trying to show pretty images of my new life constantly. It was hard, because, as a lot of you already know, motherhood is not perfect. It’s actually really messy. But I was obsessed with capturing all the“pretty” memories. I often made my husband and baby sit down and posed for the camera. They didn’t love it, and I couldn’t but feel guilty about it.

Trying to capture “beautiful” moments feels exhausting and silly sometimes. My baby is growing, he wants to make messes, be rude, push my buttons in front of people. And sometimes I’m there, trying to make him pose for pictures while all he wants to do is run or jump.

Last weekend we celebrated Jaxon’s second birthday. I got home and realized that I forgot to take pictures of his party. I came home feeling guilty and totally sad about not having digital memories of that day. So I took out a piece of leftover cake when we got home and I decided to recreate the moment just to take some pictures of his balloons and birthday gifts.

The thing is that is so hard to be a mami blogger and not try to take tons of pictures of your kid, family, and life all the time!

Confessions of a Mami Blogger | Live Colorful

Confessions of a Mami Blogger | Live Colorful

Even when is hard to stop, I now realized that as much as I love looking at images of my kid smiling and playing on my phone or computer, it will never be the same as looking at his face in front of me, while the moment is still happening.

As a good therapy, I started to take quick and non-planned pictures and I started to appreciate the beauty of pixelated faces, blurry smiles, and dark videos. There is authenticity in them, and a sense of reality and honesty, just like blogging five years ago.

Are you a mami blogger too? How long have you been blogging? Do your kid loves helping you with pictures or he hates them?

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  1. Elba qué lindo es tu post. Me identifico con este tema. Hace más o menos el mismo tiempo que blogueo y me pasa algo parecido aunque mis hijos son más grandes. A veces le escapan a la cámara, otras veces me pasan cosas (como madre) que no puedo entender y se me baja ma “mommy autoestima”. Ahí recuerdo que compartir mi vida no que esta es perfecta. Te felicito por tu trabajo, me encanta messi y colorida tal cuál los niños la hacen.

    • Te entiendo, las redes sociales pueden afectar nuestro autoestima muchisimo, de ahi viene esa obsesion con tomar fotos lindas todo el tiempo. Pero para nada, tus fotos, proyectos y familia son hermosos! yo siento mucha admiracion hacia ti por tu honestidad y forma de compartir tan natural de compartir tu vida.

  2. Uf, llevo haciendo esto tantos años y por experiencia te digo que a veces uno vive la vida detras de una camara o un post, he aprendido a disfrutar momentos y hacerlos solo mios, mios y mios. Esos momentos no van a regresar, la vida pasa tan rapido y los niños crecen mas rapido aun… Animo que todas pasamos por esto pero solo hay que aprender a priorizar las ideas.. PD lo bueno que tenias un pedacito de cake 🙂

    • Me gusta la idea de agarrar momentos y hacerlos privados para disfrutarlos mejor. Es muy cierto, con tantos años blogueando es muy fácil ver la vida llena de fotos y medios sociales como “normal”. ja ja buen punto con lo del pastel!

  3. Me encanta tu post! I totally agree with our little obsession of capturing those perfect moments as a blogger who is a mom we want to share so much of our little ones that we miss it right behind our lenses or phones. I have been blogging for 6 years and now that I am a more mature blogger I can finally say that I realized how important it is for us as a family to keep certain moments, pictures and smiles just to ourselves and not with the public. Gracias

  4. S.YISSELE says:

    Que bonita familia y que lindo tema como siempre Guapa! A disfrutar de la familia y del trabajo 👍😃😉

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