How Are You Going To Celebrate Piñata Day?

The cutest mini piñatas | Live Colorful

In honor of Piñata Day, I’m sharing my favorite handmade mini piñatas created by J Balloon Fiesta. I met this talented lady at We All Grow 2017 conference a few months ago. She is extremely talented, creative and made me feel inspired after seeing her passion for her business and family.

She sent me these three adorable designs from her shop. Frida Kahlo piñata, lucha libre piñata y señorita cactus piñata. She is now making postcards and stickers with empowering funny quotes related to the piñatas such as “señorita nopal, soy mujer tocame y verás” and  “lucha por tus Sueños”. They are super cute!

The cutest mini piñatas | Live Colorful

The cutest mini piñatas | Live Colorful

The cutest mini piñatas | Live Colorful

How are you going to celebrate piñata day? I’m going to fill one of these cute piñatas with candy and leave it in front of my desk so I can snack throughout the day. These piñatas might be too cute to hit!

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  1. s.yissele says:

    Que bellas están! Feliz Día de las Piñatas 😉

  2. Wanda Lopez says:

    We actually never celebrate piñata day. Not a tradition in Puerto Rico. They are I too cute to hit. Love them all and I think I will make one.

  3. Sencillamente preciosas, me encanta tu creatividad!

  4. I didn’t know about piñata day! I love the ones that you made

  5. Those are great!! Love the idea of a piñata as candy dish. 🙂

  6. PS I couldn’t find the Frida Kahlo piñata in J Balloon’s shop. Was it a special order?

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