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Gecko Bookmark for the Kids. Free Printable | Live Colorful


My two years old is loving Gill McBarnet’s (Hawaiian Children’s Books) book, Gecko Hide and Seek. The story makes counting fun! encouraging the kids to search for the geckos through the pages. Inspired by the story I created my own version of a fun gecko and made a bookmark printable out of it so my kid can use it in his favorite books. I made them in two different colors so you can pick your favorite, or just glue them together one behind the other, and use both as much as you want, The brown one makes me think about fall, and the blue one about summer 🙂 which one is your favorite?

Download the printable here: Fun Gecko Bookmark Printable.

Gecko Bookmark for the Kids. Free Printable | Live Colorful




Don’t miss the opportunity to win a copy of this cute book for the kids in your life. Enter the giveaway HERE. Good luck!



Win a copy of Gecko Hide and Seek by Gill McBarnet Hawaiian Childrens Books GIVEAWAY | Live Colorful


I shared a craft project a few days ago that I’m sure your kid would enjoy it too. The craft involves fall leaf confetti and another free printable. Check out the project here: Fall Leaf Confetti Craft Idea and Printable


Did you know that  “Geckos feet are specially adapted for climbing. Each toe has thousands of tiny hook-like bristles that enable to grip onto smooth surfaces like walls and glass windows. They can even walk across a ceiling … upside down!”  as seen on the back cover of Hawaiian Children’s BooksThe Goodnight Gecko.

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