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How to Make a Meaningful New Year’s Wish Jar

This post was sponsored by BLOT supplies. All content and images are my own.

How to make a simple but meaningful New Year's wish jar | Live Colorful

I’m one of those people who loves to think about New Year’s resolutions in advance. Unfortunately, I think about them, write them in a pretty notebook, read them a few times during the first month of the new year and then forget about them. Last year I wrote too many on the list, and the whole idea felt overwhelming!

A few months ago, for Father’s Day, Jaxon and I decided to make a wish jar for my husband. We actually named it “building memories” and it was a bunch of legos with all the things Jaxon would love to do with dad during the year. Go camping, watch a boy’s movie together, jumping in mud and things like that were on the list. It was such a simple idea, but a really meaningful gift that my hubby loved.

How to make a simple but meaningful New Year's wish jar | Live Colorful

For this New Year’s Eve I got the idea of making something similar. I made the whole family sit down and think about 12 things that we would love to accomplish, make, visit, create or experience this year. We made a list and put it in the jar. The idea is that every first day of the month we would take one “wish” out of the jar, and do it!

Go to Ojai, California, bring orange slices to a Jaxon’s soccer game, taekwondo tournament, or other sports thing he can do when he turns three!, run a 5k as a family and things like that are on the list. It’s exciting, and I appreciate that they are specific and easy to accomplish “wishes”.

We can’t wait to start picking one each month, because we keep saying that we would love to do these things, but always forget. This is a great way to push ourselves to have fun as a family in a special way each month.

How to make a simple but meaningful New Year's wish jar | Live Colorful

Thanks to Blot supplies I could write down these wishes in the prettiest and most colorful way. They have an amazing collection of pens, stickers, highlighters, pencil, tapes, sticky notes and more. You can check out more about BLOT and their products on their site. I’m sure you can find some fun supplies to start a colorful and organized new year! 

PD. I’m using BLOT gel coloring pens and the adorable BLOT great job stickers to check off each item from the list 🙂

How to make a simple but meaningful New Year's wish jar | Live Colorful

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