Creative Art Projects for Kids: Blow Acrylic Paint with Straws

Blow Painting with Straws :: Super Fun, Super Simple Art Idea for Kids!

For the last couple of weeks, I had been busy with the holidays and trying to catch up with life, but Jax and I are missing the creative part of our days! Making art, doing paper crafts, playing with stickers and all those fun things. So when @smocks.on invited me to host their weekly Instagram challenge and make a lot of art TOGETHER, I got super excited! This was just a great excuse to push ourselves to be creative and spend quality time while having fun.

I made this piece in collaboration with my toddler yesterday morning. We used acrylic paint and straws to blow the colors and mix them together. The acrylic paint is heavy, and the paint doesn’t move as quickly as if you were using watercolors, but the effect is different too, and looks really cool! Swipe the first picture and watch the video here.



  • Place your mix media notebook or a piece of mix media paper on a table. Use a plastic tablecloth below the paper to protect the area.
  • If you are using plastic disposable straws, cut them in half, so your blowing action is more effective and closer to the paint.
  • Pour the acrylic paint in the paper.
  • Start blowing the paint and mixing color together.

Blow Painting with Straws :: Super Fun, Super Simple Art Idea for Kids!


If YOU want to join the #smockson challenge, here’s how:

  1. Follow @smocks.on @LiveColorfulCo @raising.kinley @toddler_tornado and @momma_teaching in Instagram.
  2. Tag your TOGETHER art pick with #smockson in Instagram. That’s it! (Together art = side by side or collaborative artwork WITH the little people in your life)
  3. I’ll pick four of my favorite projects on Sunday January 21th, and they will be featured on @livecolorfulco and over @smocks.on!

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