Mommy and Me 3D Hand Art

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Mommy and Me 3D Hand Art | Live Colorful

For the last couple of weeks my toddler and I have been doodling, drawing, and making lots of art. It’s kind of amazing, because a few months ago, the idea of sitting down with Jaxon to do anything artistic was almost impossible, he just loves being outdoors or running really fast so much! Yesterday he actually asked me if he could pick the material for his doodles, so I let him decide, and he stood up next to the paper and markers for a couple of minutes and helped me with this project.

The material he picked was some cute mini highlighters from BLOT supplies that came in a smoothie cup. He said he really liked the colors, and as soon as I saw them I knew exactly what I wanted to draw.

Mommy and Me 3D Hand Art | Live Colorful


Mommy and Me 3D Hand Art | Live Colorful

For a long time I wanted to make a fun 3D hand art drawing using Jaxon’s tiny hand. I knew it was going to be a perfect keepsake for us so we can always remember how tiny he was when he was two years old.




  1. To make a 3D art hand drawing, you just need to start by tracing your kids hand.
  2. Then make a straight line on the paper and a curve as soon as you get into the drawn hand.
  3. Use different colors to create a fun and almost psychedelic effect.

Mommy and Me 3D Hand Art | Live Colorful

Mommy and Me 3D Hand Art | Live Colorful

Hang it on the wall and display it as art or give it away to your hubby as a special gift for Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Dennis says:

    These BLOT markers look like the perfect gift for kids! They look super easy to grab and very colorful! BLOT definitely markets to kids like a pro and it looks like they’ll have very happy customers. I need some psychedelic effects in my life!

  2. Beth Bishop says:

    This is brilliant, and you make it look so easy. To me it really looks like you’ve put a brightly-colored glove on a piece of paper and then drew lines of the same color beside it to act as camouflage! Great idea for kids too. Thanks

  3. SkillWisdom says:

    You Don’t Need Canvas To Create Art You Can Make Masterpeice On Pencil Nib

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