The Joy of Childhood

This post was sponsored by Kinder Joy™ but the content and opinions expressed here are all my

The Joy of Childhood | Live Colorful

I often think about my childhood and the things that made me feel joy and excitement, such as
knocking on my friend’s door on Sunday afternoons and asking them to go with me to the store to
buy yummy treats with the money from our mesadas. Most of those afternoons ended with us
playing avioncito, jumping between numbers and enjoying our yummy treats!

From those memories, I remember how a few times I felt disappointed about having to
choose between getting a yummy treat or a toy at the store! If we could have had Kinder Joy™ in
our local store when I was a kid, I assure you that I would have picked that exciting egg full of
wonder and delicious treat in a heartbeat!

In case you haven’t seen or heard, Kinder Joy™ is now available in the U.S. If you have never tried
a Kinder Joy™, you shouldn’t wait! I’m sure you and your kids will love to try them. Kinder Joy™
is a fun treat with two separately sealed halves, a treat side made of two creamy layers and a second
half containing an exciting mystery toy.

The Joy of Childhood | Live Colorful

I’m not sure who was more excited to see the the Kinder Joy™ display in our local store last
week, my toddler or me.

This afternoon, after finishing lunch, I let my son open his first Kinder Joy. I wish you could have
seen his excitement when he saw the treat, and then when he discovered that there was a toy in the
other side of the egg.

The Joy of Childhood | Live Colorful

He said he didn’t know what he liked best, the treat or the mystery toy. But I have the
feeling it was the combination of both surprises that made the treat even more magical.

We finished our treats and then played avioncito together. I tried to teach him about the rules of the game and how I used to play with my friends, but he just ended up running and jumping on the squares, which was also fun and cute. The important thing in the end was that special moment that we shared together, just like the ones I used to have when I was a kid.

The Joy of Childhood | Live Colorful

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