The Best Counting Math Kits for Bilingual Preschoolers

HITN Learning sent me one of CLEO & cuquin Family Fun! Counting Math Kit a few days ago and we couldn’t be more excited about trying all the activities in the kit.

The Best Counting Math Kit for Bilingual Preschoolers

My son’s favorite part about the kit is the story book included. The book is about a disappearing picnic, and the whole story was printed in English and Spanish, which is fantastic! I think that we already read it in both languages like 10 times. He was also really interested in the game board. I think he will actually learn a lot about math with that board game while having fun.

One of the great things about Cleo & Cuquin math concepts is that they include a coupon to download and enjoy their app, making the whole learning process really interactive.

There are three amazing Cleo & Cuquin math kits, the one we have is a counting Math Kit, and you can also find a sorting math kit and 3D shapes math kit.

Some of the key benefits for schools and families from their kits are:

  • Each kit focus on important kindergarten math skills, like counting, sorting and 3D shapes.
  • They include an easy to use parent guide that supports you and help you improve and navigate the activities included in the box.
  • All the activities, printed and digital, are bilingual. They are perfect for all English language learners.
  • The kit included engaging physical play activities that help get everyone in the family involved in the learning process.

We hang up the activity poster in my son’s bedroom yesteday and it looks great. It will help us practice the things we are learning everyday when we see it.

I really recommend checking out all their kits and other bilingual resources here. They are creative and engaging and I believe they will help my bilingual preschooler get ready for kindergarten next year.

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  1. Ana says:

    ¡Me encantan! Guillermo también se ha divertido muchísimo con ellos.

  2. Preschooler made this in a best way for all the students it helps to learn more about mathematics like addition and subtraction which is basics for a beginner.

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