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Making a Car Organizer

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DIY: Backseat Car Organizer Tutorial | Live Colorful

I feel like I had been so quiet lately here on the blog and on social media. The reason is that just when summer started, I felt the urge to hide from the online world.

It’s funny because I never felt anything like that before. I needed to step away and think about goals, plans, the future of Live Colorful and many other personal issues.

Just yesterday morning I shared on Snapchat (LiveColorfulCo) that I was back on track and more than ready to share DIYs and colorful projects with you!

During this offline time, I didn’t stop crafting. Actually, one of the reasons why I took this “free blogging time” it’s because the things I love the most, crafting, decorating and taking pictures, felt like a job and it was getting monotonous.

I also was bored of crafting with the same materials over and over. I wanted to try new things. So, I took some online courses to get better at designing fabric and patterns, one of my passions of all time. I also decided to learn how to sew and took some sewing classes with a local blogger friend 🙂

I had a sewing machine in my craft room for a long time, but honestly,  I just used it once or twice every year. I only know how to make pillows, but there are a limit number of pillows that you can make every year!

My sister actually inspired me to learn how to sew too. She is so good at it! And she always had great ideas that look so simple, like the popular tutorial she shared on our Youtube channel a few months ago: Como Hacer un Tapete de Pompones.

I thought that if I wanted to design patterns for fabric, I needed to learn how to make pretty things with it.

I already found some amazing sewing blogs and communities and I’m feeling excited about it, although a bit intimidated. But I hope I get good at sewing soon! Because it will be great to make things for the house with colors and fabric, a poco no?

For instance, I made my first project this week. It’s an organizer for the car.

DIY: Backseat Car Organizer Tutorial | Live Colorful

I had been wanting to do something like this for a long time, so yesterday I took some fabric I had at home and just started sewing.

It doesn’t look great, but the idea is not bad.

I found a professional pattern on Etsy that I wanted to share with you in case you are great at sewing and you are actually looking for something more professional.

Here is how I made my amateur but cute car organizer.



DIY: Backseat Car Organizer Tutorial | Live Colorful

Download the car organizer PDF here: Car Organizer PDF

Note: The white lines in the drawing above are the extra 1 inch  that I added on each side of the fabric pieces for hemming.


  1. Use the measurements above to draw the body and pockets of the car organizer using a water soluble marker.
  2. Cut all the fabric pieces. (Check out image #1 above for measurements)
  3. Fold and press all the edges of the pockets using an iron (1 inch on each side), so they are easier to sew.
  4. Mark the space of the pockets in your organizer using the water soluble marker.
  5. Sew the pockets in the organizer.
  6. Fold the fabric of the body of your car organizer in the middle, like the image above and close the rectangle.
  7. Make a strip to tie up the car organizer to the car seat. It’s the same process that our headband tutorial here.
  8. Hang your new awesome piece on the back of your seat and start organizing all your stuff!

DIY: Backseat Car Organizer Tutorial | Live Colorful

My organizer is probably too small, but it fits glasses cases, toys, and my baby’s shoes, and that is exactly what I needed.

If you want to create a bigger car organizer, check out this tutorial, that has measurements perfect for kids books and bigger things!

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions! About sewing, sewing blogs, fabric stores, etc 🙂

Have you been trying something new lately?