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DIY: Decorate your Own Holographic / Iridescent Shoes

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DIY: How to decorate your own holographic / iridescent shoes with this simple technique | Live Colorful

We are obsessed with iridescent everything! Shoes, backpacks, lipsticks, nails and home decor items. So the other day, when I was about to throw away a pair of ugly shoes that I didn’t use anymore, I had the great idea of decorate them with that holographic/iridescent effect that we love so much.

I have been wanted to try a DIY inspired by this multicolored effect, and trying it for the first time in my old shoes sounded like a great experiment. Now they look alive and fun, and they can stay with me for a few more months.

Just as a note, make a pre-test in a small area of your shoe, or in a piece fabric so you can have a better idea of how it’ll look. The iridescent foil works different in each surface and texture, so make sure it works as you want in yours.



  1. Thoroughly clean the surface of our shoes.
  2. Use a spatula or card and spread the adhesive lightly over the area you want to cover with the foil iridescent.
  3. Cut a piece of foil, that fits in your shoe, and place on top of the adhesive.
  4. Use a clean rag to cover the foil and press with the hot iron for approximately 20 seconds.
  5. Allow the whole product to dry and then remove the layer of foil.
  6. Cut more pieces of foil and apply them until you cover your whole shoe.

I discovered that if you work in small areas the process is so much easier and it looks better.

Handmade in Mexico: Summer Essentials

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If you follow us on Instagram, you may already have noticed that we are obsessed with Mexican handcrafts and designs. There is something unique about them that catches our attention. We believe that the vibrant colors and prints are one of the main reasons, but we also think that the charisma, the richness of the culture and the warmth of the people make this special connection even stronger.

So every time we have an opportunity to travel through Mexico, we love talking with the artisans about their inspiration and techniques. We really enjoy getting to know more about the process, and we enjoy buying these handmade in mexico crafts and designs as well. Every time we come back home with new handmade goodies, and share them on Instagram or Facebook, we receive emails asking about where they can get them. So we decided to start looking for online stores with products we believe that you guys will love. And also because we know they will fill your day with joy!

Beautiful fashion accessories, shoes and handbags handmade in Mexico by different artisans from around the country. |

And our first picks are inspired by summer! We curated some beautiful fashion accessories, shoes and handbags handmade in Mexico by different artisans from around the country. Check them out:

  1. These amazing hand embroidered shoes made in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. 
  2. Hand embroidered sandals made by indigenous women from the Sierra Norte, Puebla, Mexico. 
  3. We love these tennis shoes with bold and colorful embroidery Chiapaneco. 
  4. A gorgeous copper necklace with hand-painted details inspired by Mexican patterns.
  5. The details in these pendants are amazing.
  6. The coolest necklaces ever! Calaveritas full of color by.
  7. The awesome and original Acapulco chair.
  8. A multipurpose handbag with a stunning mexican pattern.
  9. Amazing backpacks with embroidered details made in Chiapas, Mexico.
  10. A super colorful clutch perfect for summer.
  11. We love the pompoms and we love the colors in this fun clutch!
  12. Plush cotton sweatshirt full of color and beautiful mexican patterns.
  13. This fun modern t-shirt made from a mexican huipil.
  14. Another gorgeously embroidered huipil with turquoise details.The color combination is lovely and fresh.