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This Is What Postpartum Depression Feels Like

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For those moms who are suffering postpartum depression, I want to let you know that you are not alone, you did absolutely nothing wrong and you are not a bad mom at all. With help and time, I promise you, everything will get better.

I’ve been feeling the need to share with you something deep and extremely personal. I feel like I’ve reached that point on my blogging adventure where I have to decide whether Live Colorful is about me, my life, my feelings, my adventures or just about my colorful projects. I’ve thought about this for a long time, in fact, I began to think about it just after my baby was born. I wanted to reflect on the issues I wanted to share on the blog, and the things I wanted to keep to myself.

I decided for a while that the best idea was to keep my personal life just for me and my family. I stopped sharing pictures of my baby on my social media, I stopped taking selfies or pictures with my husband, and I even stopped writing very personal posts. I needed to get away from my virtual life until I felt at peace with my new life as a mom.

I’m not going to lie, disconnecting my life as a blogger and my life as a mom, wife, daughter and friend felt great. But recently, I started to feel a huge responsibility. I wanted to share about my postpartum depression story after I heard a friend of mine sharing hers. What stood out for me was that, like me, she kept her loneliness to herself. Why? I asked myself. Why do we keep this just for us? I felt the urge to speak up, to let others know how postpartum depression makes you feel, how it hurts you, but most important, how it makes you a stronger woman, and a more empowered mom.

It was also important because I know that moms don’t really talk about postpartum depression. It’s not the kind of funny or fun topic that you will share with friends in a coffee shop. In fact, you want to hide it because it feels shameful, wrong and belies the happy, funny and ridiculous pictures that we publish on social media.

For those moms who are suffering postpartum depression, I want to let you know that you are not alone, you did absolutely nothing wrong and you are not a bad mom at all. With help and time, I promise you, everything will get better.

When I was pregnant, I shared with my husband the postpartum depression symptoms. I’ll never forget his reaction. He looked at me and said, “But, that will never happen to you. You’ll be happy with our baby. What could make you feel sad?”

He was right, and wrong at the same time.

The first two months as a new mom were exhausting, but not bad. Just the normal pain, sleeplessness, frustrations and fears. My mom stayed with us and helped us with the cooking and cleaning around the house. Then my mom left, and my mother in law arrived. Both were amazingly helpful, and supportive. Then, they left and well, things started to feel overwhelming.

The mornings were never a problem. I was happy and even enthusiastic. It was the afternoons when I felt drained and terrified. I can’t explain how it felt, but it was kind of a mix of fatigue, anxiety, and despair. It was something rare, which I couldn’t understand. I felt numb.

Several times I called my husband to tell him that I needed to get out of the house. He came home as fast as he could to help me with my baby.

Even when I was feeling angry or desperate, I couldn’t get away from my baby for more than a couple of minutes. If I needed to cry or scream, I did it in the yard, or in the bedroom. I wanted to be with him all the time. I was extremely overprotective. I was nervous about everything. I wasn’t sleeping enough. I wasn’t taking any time for me.

There were thousands of things in my head that spun like a tornado. Why can’t I assemble this puzzle? Why do I feel irritated all the time? Am I feeling happy right now?

I’ll never forget the day I accepted my postpartum depression. That afternoon I couldn’t stop looking at the balcony, thinking that if I jumped, I would probably not die, and I will still have to take care of my baby, my home, my husband and my work, but with a terrible wound.

I was terrified of the thought.

When my husband came home that afternoon, I ran down the stairs. I couldn’t hold back my tears. I wept for like an hour. People were walking, looking at me. I felt horrible, guilty. Why did I think that? What kind of mom I was?

It sounds a little unreal now, because when I look back, I just remember happy memories, special moments and lots of laughter and hugs. I have endeavored to erase the sadness, the shame. And rightly so, because having my baby really has been the best thing that has happened to me.

When you feel depressed and overwhelmed, you can’t see the big picture. You go too deep, or too high, or too low or too extreme. You just can’t find a balance.

Months have passed and now I see my life as clear as it can be. That uncontrollable and inexplicable happiness that my husband described when I was pregnant, it’s real.

Jax's Nursery Tour | Live Colorful

I still do not understand why I had to go through postpartum depression. A part of me feels that perhaps, it’ll fill a piece on my life or give me a purpose.

In my case, depression was not as severe and I never took any medication. I was fortunate to accept it in time and my body and soul fought against it as much as they could. Sadly, not all cases are the same. It is a sensitive issue and you should always seek out help to handle the issue with a specialist, your doctor, your family or your partner, to guide you and help you find the advice that you need.

For those moms who are reading this, and perhaps feeling something similar, I want to let you know that you are not alone, you did absolutely nothing wrong and, suffering from postnatal depression does not make you a bad mom at all. With help and time, I promise you, everything will get better.

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I wish I could travel to the past to hug myself and say, “Do not worry. Your life will never be the same, it will actually get a thousand times better because you will never be alone, you’ll have your baby, your husband, your family, friends, but most important, you will always have YOU, a stronger, empowered, inspiring, YOU”.

How to Make Extra Soft Homemade Playdough for Toddlers

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The softest homemade playdough for toddlers. Easy recipe! | Live Colorful

When I was a kid, all I wanted to play with was polly pocket houses and playdough. I loved using the playdough to “design” extra props for my polly pocket city. I used to make trees, sofas, cars and all of sorts of cute and silly things.

However, my boy didn’t seem that interested in playdough at all. I bought him a few Play-Doh bottles a few months ago, but he just didn’t know what to do with it, and then, our poodle started eating it! So we threw it away.

Then last summer, a friend sent me a homemade playdough recipe that she found on Pinterest. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be an interesting activity for my toddler, but I wanted to try. So we planned a playdate and we tried the recipe in my house. It was fun and the kids actually enjoyed the process more than I thought.

This is a perfect activity for the upcoming cold days of fall and winter. You can make just a small mix of one color in a few minutes, or various mixes in various colors, and extend the fun for hours!

We found the recipe at How Does She and it ended up super fluffy and soft.

The softest homemade playdough for toddlers. Easy recipe! | Live Colorful


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • 2 tsp. cream of tartar
  • 1 Tbsp. vegetable oil
  • 10 drops of food coloring (add more for more vibrant colors)

NOTE: We tried to double all the ingredients to make a bigger batch of mix, but the result wasn’t great. We tried again with the exact measurements from the recipe and the playdough ended up perfect.


  1. Add all the ingredients into a pot and stir them until blended together.
  2. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until it forms a large ball.
  3. As soon as it joins into one large ball, take it off the heat and dump it onto your counter or wax paper.  
  4. Wait for it to cool for a few minutes, then knead it a few times until it becomes super soft.
  5. Store it in plastic containers.

The softest homemade playdough for toddlers. Easy recipe! | Live Colorful

The softest homemade playdough for toddlers. Easy recipe!

How to Create an Inspirational Desk Space

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Create a cute desk space | Live Colorful

My baby was 9 months old when we moved to this house. He was crawling and extremely curious and I wanted to keep my desk away from him as much as possible.

I left the desk inside the bedroom and it worked great for us for a few months. Then one day I got tired of it. It was getting stressful, you know, to have the desk and the mess just next to the bed.

So I decided to move it to the living room area. That way I could continue working on small projects, editing pictures and working on simple things while my baby is playing with his toys.

My desk is now next to a big window. The view ended up being really nice. It feels refreshing.

But soon after I moved the desk to the living room, the place where I spend half of the day, I realized the importance of keeping everything organized and also looking interesting. I just didn’t want to have everything in one place, I wanted to create an inspirational workspace that flowed with the decoration.

Create a cute desk space | Live Colorful

There are so many ways to create an inspirational workspace, since it’s something personal. The key to getting started is to collect a few things that are special for you. Then, play with the way you display it. Everything should look organized but also meaningful, so you are always motivated.

Here are some of my favorite things to incorporate in your desk space to make it look organized and special:


It can be an abstract painting with colors you love, a print with an inspirational quote, or a photo of your family, kids or friends.

There is also another cool idea that I like to try from time to time. Make a vision board about your creative business’s goals or about your personal dreams and frame it so you can see it all the time.

Create a cute desk space | Live Colorful

Flowers and plants

It doesn’t matter if these are fresh, dried, made out paper, silk or glass. Flowers and plants will always make you smile.

Colorful office supplies

Get the most interesting or colorful office supplies to make every boring task a bit more fun.


Stimulate your brain and senses with an aroma you love. Plus, candles containers are a pretty decorative element.


I like the idea of using books as decoration. Organize them by size or color.

Create a cute desk space | Live Colorful

Special things

Incorporate elements that are special and inspirational for you. For example, over my printer I have a hand printed handkerchief that I got in a vintage store. It reminds me of my love for patterns and prints from around the world. I also have a heart made of perler beads that I bought from a little girl in the park. It makes me think of her confidence.

Recently, I received a doll from Emily Johnson, owner of Mushroom Spring. She creates magical soft sculptures, marionettes, mobiles and illustrations. She sent me this cute handmade doll with pink hair. I instantly felt animated, something about her whimsical and playful look made me smile. Her doll was the perfect element to add into my workspace because it feels special and magical.

Create a cute desk space | Live Colorful

Check out more of Emily’s work on her website and Instagram.

Other thing that helps is to maintain your desk always current. The world changes so fast, we change so fast, so it’s normal to have new goals, new favorite colors and new books to add to our desk space. Keeping it new and fresh will help you feel inspired.

Create a cute desk space | Live Colorful

Tell me, what is your workspace area like? Is your desk filled with inspirational things? What’s the most special object in it?