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How to Take Care of White Fabric?

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How to take care of white fabric

If they didn’t get dirty so fast, would you consider buying a white sofa or more white clothes?

I think that white is a beautiful color for home furniture and clothes, it goes well with everything and it has a fresh, clean and crisp look, a perfect background for colorful accessories. So I wasn’t surprised when some readers started asking me what I thought about white sofas. Honestly I think they look great, but I also know that they require some attention and time.

For all those people that are still thinking about buying a white sofa, I recommend reading these tips, from Melissa from The Inspired Room, these might help you with your decision. For all those that already own a white sofa and love items with white fabric, I decided to look for some tips for white furniture and clothes, just some basic tips that can be really helpful.

How to take care of white furniture

  1. If you are thinking about buying a white sofa, try to look for one with washable slipcovers. Take it off and wash it as much as you want.

  2. Add lots of cushions! to prevent and camouflage stains but also because they look great.

  3. Look for stain guard solutions. You can ask about these solutions at your local furniture stores. They also sell spray stain guards in many grocery stores. Look for them next to the furniture section or next to other cleaning products.

  4. I just bought a lint roller for my sofa and I’m loving it. You can use this roller for your furniture, carpet and clothes, this would remove hair and other dusty residues easily and fast.

  5. I have the feeling that guest feel a bit uncomfortable when they go to a house with white furniture, more if they bring their kids or pets. To relieve their anxiety and yours, cover the sofa with a cute blanket and use place mats and coasters for the tables, buy something that matches the colors of your home accessories so everything looks like part of the decoration.

  6. Treat stains immediately. Just after you drip some coffee on your couch or favorite white blouse, use a clean cloth and let it absorb as much as you can. You can also use baking soda and water paste to clean coffee and wine.

Other great tips I found:

  • Use salt to clean fresh red wine stains, add it to the stain and then scraped off. The stain should come with it.

  • For a grease or oil stain, you can use corn starch for 15 to 20 minutes before vacuuming it. This should remove most traces of these darker stains.

How to take care of white clothes

  1. Wash white clothes separately to prevent color transfer. Even light colored pieces will lose some of their dye in the washing process.
  2. My mom always says to be careful with bleach. One thing I learned is never throw the bleach directly, on the clothes. It can damage the fabric or cause a yellowing effect if used too often. Baking soda is a great substitute for bleach.
  3. Don’t touch your clothes too often. I know, that sounds crazy, I have found myself applying makeup and then touching my blouse without thinking that those little particles of powder would end up on my blouse, but they always do. Same tips while you are cooking or cleaning.
  4. I also read that cleaning your washing machine often helps to avoid residue left that can rub off on your white fabrics. Add a small amount of clothes, don’t fill the washing machine, all the water will help rinse and clean all residues left.

Extra Tips for Whites!

  • Check out what kind of fabric you are dealing with and look for cleaning tips for that specific fabric.

  • Never scrub a stain on white fabric, it will just rub the stain further into the fabric and spread the stain making it more noticeable.

How do you take care of your whites? Leave us any extra advice or tips in the comments below, you may help save someone’s brand new bright and shinny white sofa!

What Colors Make a Room Look Bigger?

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What colors make a room look bigger?

I have lived in small apartments for the last two years of my life. My latest apartment was pretty small and dark, the windows were small and the ceiling really low. I knew that my best solution would be paint everything white but I was really craving some color. What I ended up doing was painting most of the walls Navajo White (a white with a hint of beige) and then I painted just one of the walls in the living room in Latte (another neutral) The Latte wall was my splash of color and I have to say that if I had painted all the walls in that brown tone, the space would have looked really dark. Lighter colors make rooms look bigger, they also make a spaces look bright and open.

For all those people out there that need a bit of color, like me, you could do what I did. Add a little splash on one of your walls and keep the rest light, try a neutral or even a pastel tone. Check out some ideas here.

Other things that help to make a room look bigger are:

  • Light colored floors and ceilings. Keeping everything lightly colored makes the space seem bigger. This also makes the natural light spread more throughout the space.
  • Use furniture in the same color as the walls. When the furniture is camouflaged within the environment it makes you feel that you have more space than you actually have.
  • Keep your space uncluttered.
  • Small pieces of furniture will help make your space look bigger, try to buy smaller things. Imagine a 15 foot wall with a huge three seat sofa that covers almost the whole wall. Now imagine the same wall with a light looking two seat sofa and an ottoman next to it, the effect would be so different, don’t you think?
  • Mirrors and glass tables can be your best friends. The bedroom in our apartment has mirrored closets and it looks huge because everything looks twice as big, the walls seems to continue and the light is reflected and spreads through the whole room, we are loving it! Glass coffee tables and dining room tables are great to create a spacious effect, they look so light.

Remember that you can always add colorful accessories to personalize your space. I was a bit sad when I read that we couldn’t paint our apartment, but then I started loving the light colored walls. The space looks bigger and lighter, that’s just what we needed.