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What Creativity Means to Me

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I believe that creativity can transform people’s lives, and empower them to create, dream and imagine whatever they want | Live Colorful

I believe that creativity can transform people’s lives, and empower them to create, dream and imagine whatever they want. I know this because I grew up listening to stories about the power of imagination, just like the stories LIFEWTR is sharing through the artwork on their bottles. That’s what gets me excited about partnering with LIFEWTR and 7-Eleven, and bringing you amazing inspirational stories to create and refresh your creative soul.

I was thinking about why creativity matters so much to me the other day, while I was trying to explain it to a friend. I told her a few stories of my childhood and how both of my parents are extremely creative.

My dad used to draw amazing portraits, and I’m reminded how talented he is every time I go to my grandma’s home and walk up the staircase. An uncle was telling me a story one day and he mentioned how my dad used to sit down at the table in the corner of their bedroom to draw until midnight, and how much they hated it because the light was on for hours. He and his six brothers shared a “bedroom”, that was more like an open space on the second floor of their home. I always think of that when I complain about the space I have in my home for art and crafts.

I believe that creativity can transform people’s lives, and empower them to create, dream and imagine whatever they want | Live Colorful

My mom developed her creativity from early age, and more from necessity than anything else. She didn’t have much as she grew up, which lead her, and her siblings, to use whatever they could find to create the things they needed to survive. Growing up like that defined my mother’s character and her confidence to believe that she could create whatever she imagined. I looked up to her all my life, because she inspires me to dream.

I believe that creativity can transform people’s lives, and empower them to create, dream and imagine whatever they want | Live Colorful

I like to remember myself at four years old when I used to sell my artwork to neighbors for 50 cents. I remember that, and how 11 years later, I found one of my old neighbors and she told me that she still had one of the painting she bought from me because it reminds her how brave I was that day, knocking on her door and selling her my adorable artwork. It was a bit weird, but also kind of awesome, to know that one person in the world kept something I made because it made her feel something positive.

Walking through 7-Eleven, and finding these colorful bottles featuring art from three young artists who have discovered the empowerment that comes with creativity, made me feel really inspired to come back home and create.

I believe that creativity can transform people’s lives, and empower them to create, dream and imagine whatever they want | Live Colorful

I believe, just like LIFEWTR believes, that inspiration is as essential to life as water, because it moves us forward by unleashing our creative potential. Their series 4 bottles focus on ‘Arts in Education’ and the focus is to bring art back to schools. You can learn more about that initiative here!

I believe that creativity can transform people’s lives, and empower them to create, dream and imagine whatever they want | Live Colorful

Every few months, LIFEWTR will be launching a new series of LIFEWTR bottles focused on a unique aspect of art, and putting the spotlight on three new artists. I can’t wait to see their Series 5 ‘Art Beyond Borders’ bottles and I’m sure they’re going to be super colorful, too!

Find these amazing LIFEWTR bottles at your local 7-Eleven and tell me, what does creativity mean to you? What is LIFEWTR inspiring you to create today? For more LIFEWTR inspiration, click here!

How to Create an Inspirational Desk Space

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Create a cute desk space | Live Colorful

My baby was 9 months old when we moved to this house. He was crawling and extremely curious and I wanted to keep my desk away from him as much as possible.

I left the desk inside the bedroom and it worked great for us for a few months. Then one day I got tired of it. It was getting stressful, you know, to have the desk and the mess just next to the bed.

So I decided to move it to the living room area. That way I could continue working on small projects, editing pictures and working on simple things while my baby is playing with his toys.

My desk is now next to a big window. The view ended up being really nice. It feels refreshing.

But soon after I moved the desk to the living room, the place where I spend half of the day, I realized the importance of keeping everything organized and also looking interesting. I just didn’t want to have everything in one place, I wanted to create an inspirational workspace that flowed with the decoration.

Create a cute desk space | Live Colorful

There are so many ways to create an inspirational workspace, since it’s something personal. The key to getting started is to collect a few things that are special for you. Then, play with the way you display it. Everything should look organized but also meaningful, so you are always motivated.

Here are some of my favorite things to incorporate in your desk space to make it look organized and special:


It can be an abstract painting with colors you love, a print with an inspirational quote, or a photo of your family, kids or friends.

There is also another cool idea that I like to try from time to time. Make a vision board about your creative business’s goals or about your personal dreams and frame it so you can see it all the time.

Create a cute desk space | Live Colorful

Flowers and plants

It doesn’t matter if these are fresh, dried, made out paper, silk or glass. Flowers and plants will always make you smile.

Colorful office supplies

Get the most interesting or colorful office supplies to make every boring task a bit more fun.


Stimulate your brain and senses with an aroma you love. Plus, candles containers are a pretty decorative element.


I like the idea of using books as decoration. Organize them by size or color.

Create a cute desk space | Live Colorful

Special things

Incorporate elements that are special and inspirational for you. For example, over my printer I have a hand printed handkerchief that I got in a vintage store. It reminds me of my love for patterns and prints from around the world. I also have a heart made of perler beads that I bought from a little girl in the park. It makes me think of her confidence.

Recently, I received a doll from Emily Johnson, owner of Mushroom Spring. She creates magical soft sculptures, marionettes, mobiles and illustrations. She sent me this cute handmade doll with pink hair. I instantly felt animated, something about her whimsical and playful look made me smile. Her doll was the perfect element to add into my workspace because it feels special and magical.

Create a cute desk space | Live Colorful

Check out more of Emily’s work on her website and Instagram.

Other thing that helps is to maintain your desk always current. The world changes so fast, we change so fast, so it’s normal to have new goals, new favorite colors and new books to add to our desk space. Keeping it new and fresh will help you feel inspired.

Create a cute desk space | Live Colorful

Tell me, what is your workspace area like? Is your desk filled with inspirational things? What’s the most special object in it?

Lali’s Sewing Room / Workspace Tour

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My sewing room / workroom and some colorful inspiration  |

A couple of weeks ago, we shared our workspaces over Youtube. Elba shared her closet/craft room and I also made a tour video of my space.

If you check out the video (above) you’ll see that I painted an old dresser in a  bright yellow color to cheer up the space. Above it, I put a vintage polaroid camera I bought a few years ago from a local vintage market in downtown Puebla, Mexico and some artwork I made and love like the Frida Kahlo nicho and colored pages and illustrations. I shared both DIY projects on the blog a few months ago, here and here.

My sister is super organized, unlike me, but I really made an effort to get all my material arranged in one place before making the video. I went to a mercadito in Mexico City, Mercado de Sonora, where I found some plastic containers that I used for all my small material.  All these containers are inside a closet with threads, scissors, fabric scraps, paper, cardboard, sequins, ribbons, reels, chalk, buttons, glitter pompoms and things that I used for the Live Colorful videos and projects.

In my workroom I also have  a drawing board that I use to draw and illustrate. I keep all my fabric inside a trunk, so the room looks somewhat in control.

We made these videos to give you a sneak peek of our simple workspaces where we store our material and create most of the posts and videos you see on the blog. We’d love to know what are your favorite things in your work area? Or if you have a post or video tour, we would love to get to see it!