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What are the Neutral Colors?

What are the neutral colors?

Today I want to talk about something that I have been asked about a lot. Which are the neutrals colors?

What are the neutral colors?

The neutrals are all those great colors that do not compete with anything else in a space and also work well with other colors. With a neutral wall our opportunities are endless, we could accessorize using blue, red or yellow items without changing the color of the wall and each of those colors would look great in that space.

What are the neutral colors?

Most people think that neutral colors are just white, gray and beige, but they forget black, brown and even blue can be neutral colors as well. I know, It can be hard to look at blue as a neutral, but think about how jeans match everything, right? I’m talking about that denim tone of blue that would look awesome with a yellow sofa.

What are the neutral colors?

What are the neutral colors?

What are the neutral colors?

In the past we were limited to just a few white paint colors and a few dark paint colors, now we have so many options with each color, that gives us the opportunity to play much more with our spaces. Not to mention the endless browns, beiges, grays and blues, it’s just amazing!

What’s your favorite neutral color? What other color would you use it with? – Xo, Elba

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  1. Katy says:

    I love blues, my go to outfit is always dark blue jeans and a top with any kind of converse. I’m a definite fan of peaches and corals as well, do those count as neutral colours? They aren’t far off brown.
    I use brown a lot for make up, particularly mascara and eyeliner because my skin isn’t right for black.


    • Blue goes well with everything, I love that. I think I invest more in jeans than in other kind of pants just because I know I can match them with any other color. Brown is another winner and neutral, I absolutely love eyeliners and eye shadows in this tone, a basic.

  2. Katy says:

    I love the colour blue. MY go to outfit is definitely dark blue jeans and any colour top and converse – as long as they match. I love corals and peaches as well but I’m not sure if they class as neutral colours. I also like Brown! I use it for my mascara and eyeliner more than black because the darker colours don’t really suit my skin.

  3. onel says:

    Uwaa I didn’t know there are so many colors that are classified as the neutrals, worse, I thought black and white are the only colors that could stand alone and work well with others :S Thanks for sharing! I learn something today!

    • Yep I know, I had a phase when I thought that beige and white were the only colors that will look great with other colorful accessories, but no more. Who would have thought that blue would look so good with everything, right?

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