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3 Ideas to Color your Living Room

If you do not know what color to paint the walls of your living room, I recommend you read these 3 quick and easy tips.

If you do not know what color to paint the walls of your living room, I recommend you read these 3 quick and easy tips. | LiveColorful.com

Choosing the right color for the walls of your living room always seems the hardest task when we are decorating. The living room is the area where you receive your guests and where you spend time with friends and family, It should convey some of your personality, your tastes, and interests.

These three tips are very easy to follow. I like to settle on one before I start decorating a room because it is easier to imagine the end result.

Think of the proportion of natural light in your home, the size of your walls, the size of your windows, the color of your furniture, the forms (modern, classic) of your accessories, and so on.


1. Neutral colored walls and colorful accessories.

If you’re afraid to color the walls you can choose this option. You can not fail using this technique. Paint your walls in neutral colors like white, beige, gray, sand, etc. Use furniture in different colors or shades that contrasts with decorative elements in bright colors like green, blue, red, yellow, purple and so on.

I like to use dark wood furniture to give more color to the room. If your living room is beige, you can use dark grey, chocolate brown or sienna colored chairs and if you want to add “style” to the room, do not be afraid to combine one or two textures in your sofa cushions.

This style of decoration is very easy to change, if you move your accessories and change your cushions you can have a new space each season, so you stay updated and will not be afraid to make a mistake, it is also very elegant.

The walls in neutral colors keep the space illuminated. Remember that using natural light most of the day you are saving energy.


2. Colored Walls and neutral accessories.

If you really like bright or dark colors use them on your living room walls. The most common fear when you decide to use color is to saturate the room using too many colors or darken the room with a very strong tone.

If you choose this option I recommend you think of a color that you like to have around and you find aesthetically pleasing, look at your friend’s rooms, design studios, restaurants, clothing stores, but above all, think about the things you have in your home and how you are going to integrate them with the color of the walls. For example, if your furniture is black and you want to paint the walls in navy blue.

If you want to combine different colors choose just two or just one in two different tones.

One way to use this technique without making a mistake is to paint the walls in a color and attach neutral accessories, if you feel that the color you chose is very intense or bright, you can balance the space with elements and furniture in softer tones, use light wood, mirrors, white, black, gray, beige, and metallic materials.

You can always change the textures, if you paint your walls green and the range of colors of  your accessories are white, black and gray you can transform your room each season using the same colors but only changing the textures. Example: Choose new cushions with pictures of flowers in black and white for spring and summer. Use shapes as your inspiration.

3. Combined.

Painting the walls this way is an excellent choice if you don’t decide on any of the previous two, I recommend using 80% neutral walls and a 20% splash of color.

Combining colors lets you have two options in a single space, neutral colors make you feel relaxed and allow light to enter the room, but add drama and style with a wall color like orange, blue, green, or red.

Think about where the greatest impact on your living room is,walk through your house, note what the first thing your guests see when they enter.


Get inspired by something you like from your living room and you want to become the center of attention and from there choose the colors, textures and style.
There are three ideas for you, which one do you see yourself  identifying with most?

FURNITURE. If you are inspired by furniture, paint your walls a color that contrasts with your furniture and that makes them stand out.


DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES. If you are inspired by the decorative accessories in your house, paint your walls neutral and place colorful elements throughout the space, people will be interested in hearing the stories behind your accessories.

COLLECTIONS. If you get inspired by one piece in your home or in some collection, use the  “special” wall to show it.


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