DIY: Colorful Pumpkins

DIY Colorful Fall Pumpkins

Check out these cheerful and colorful fall pumpkins!

DIY Colorful Fall Pumpkins


  • Pumpkins, I bought a package of 5 small pumpkins for $3 dollars.
  • Acrylic paint, each small bottle cost a dollar.
  • A paint brush

Fall project cost: $7

DIY Colorful Fall Pumpkins


1. Paint the bottom half of each pumpkin.

2. Drop some dots of paint on the pumpkins and flip them upside down for a couple of seconds letting the paint drip down the pumpkin.

3. Find a great place in your living room for them and have fun!

DIY Colorful Fall Pumpkins

I spent about 10 minutes on this project, but this small splash of color brought so much joy to my home, they are so colorful and happy!

I arranged them on my coffee table for now, but I’m thinking that they would look great for thanksgiving centerpieces. Don’t you think?

Colorful Pimpkins Thanksgiving

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Have a colorful fall!! – Xo, Elba

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  1. me and the kiddos are going to do this this weekend, i can’t wait!

  2. I adore the bright colors you used on your pumpkins! So cute! Thanks for sharing your fun project on the Monday Funday Party!

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